Anser U2 Standard Printer

The Anser U2 Standard Compact Printer is a thermal inkjet low-cost effective solution with exclusive fast drying non-smearing ink selections for porous and non-porous substrate applications.

The Anser U2 Standard Compact Printer is capable of printing up to 4 lines of text, barcodes or logos, automatically count, print the date/time/shift and batch numbers. The cartridge system operates a “Hot Swap” mechanism to minimise downtime. The anti-shock mounting plate reduces “shock” damage from products hitting the side of the printer.


Compatible Ink Cartridges

  • Anser SP4 Cartridges: This ink provides remarkable decap time, while maintaining excelling print quality and dark printing resolution on various semi-porous substrates.
  • Anser SP2B Cartridges: This specialised dye-based ink was designed to perform on varnished substrates.
  • Anser SP2C Cartridges: This specialised dye-based ink was designed to perform well on difficult substrate such as hot PVC substrates.
  • Anser NP4 Cartridges: This solvent-based ink is capable of providing good permanence on a wide range of non-porous substrates. When compared to our NP3 ink, you can expect an impressive decap time, darker optical density, shorter drying time of less than 3 seconds, and improved adhesion to various non-porous substrates. Such as copper paper, PP (synthetic paper), golden cardboard, aluminium coated, PP, PVS, PC, OPP, PET, and APET.

Key Features:

  • 4-in-1 compact design, integrated with screen, controller printhead & ink cartridge
  • Completely stand-alone, no PC required for operation
  • Remote control keypad for user-friendly operation
  • SD card slot design for easy software upgrades and data backup
  • Easy to follow instructions – could be operational in minutes
  • Easy ink cartridge replacement design with no maintenance
  • Fast drying non-smearing ink available in black, blue, red (more colours available)
  • No solvent consumption
  • Anti-Shock mechanism design
  • Log report for security check


  • Message Pro software is supplied for free on the supplied SD card for easy creation, editing and backup of messages to PC
  • Software customisation available upon request
Anser U2 Standard Printer Specifications
Model Anser U2 Standard Printer
Display 2.8” full colour LCD with LED backlit screen
Dimensions 114mm(L) x 76mm(W) x 60mm(H) / 4.5”(L) x 3.0”(W) x 2.4”(H)
Weight 0.49kg (1.08lb) excluding brackets and ink cartridge
LED indicators 5 indicators: alarm; low ink; print; run; remote on/off
Operational menu Digital Menu Selection (DMS) for easy operation
Input device Pocket-size IR remote keypad
Cartridges Hewlett-Packard TIJ 2.5 printing technology
Printable images Alphanumeric; logo; date/time; expiry date; shift code; counter; lot-box code; and barcode
Printable lines & heights 1, 2, 3, 4 lines. Total line height is limited to 12.7mm (0.5”)Heights: 2.7mm (0.11”) 3.6mm (0.14”) 5.5mm (0.22”) 8mm (0.31”) 10mm (0.39”) 12.7mm (0.5”)
Conveyor speed 76m (250ft) per minute at 300dpi horizontal resolution
Message storage cap Store up to 999 message with SD card
Power supply AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.6A.  Maximum power consumption: 60 Watts
Operating temperature range 5-40ºC (41-104ºf)
Warranty 12 months (excluding consumer parts)
Standard mounting brackets Standard side / downside printing brackets for 42cc ink cartridge
Distance to print surface No greater than 6mm (0.25”)
Vision Camera System