Inks and Solvents

Inks and Solvents

When it comes to replacing your coding  inks and solvents with a high quality alternative, you can trust Newcode. Our product range of  inks and solvents, inkjet fluids and hot melt inks support virtually all printer technologies available today. We can offer you savings of up to 50% compared to competitive industrial inkjet fluids.

We manufacture and supply superior quality alternatives for all major printing technologies including:

Newcode stocks standard-formula inkjet inks and solvents for most major brands of printers, such as Videojet®, Imaje®, Domino®, Linx®, Willett®, Hitachi, Citronix and many more that maximise your savings, and optimise the performance of your coders.

Our knowledgeable technicians develop the optimal formulas OF inks and solvents for these and other leading brands of small-character printers and large-character case coders and for every inkjet application.

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Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) Fluids

Newcode offers one of the broadest lines of direct and custom replacement continuous inkjet inks and solvents for many OEM's including Videojet®, Domino®, Linx®, Hitachi®, Willett® and more. Our small character continuous ink jet fluids are precision formulated and put through a stringent filtration process that follows the strictest industry standards and narrowed specification parameters, ultimately resulting in product filtration of .45 micron absolute.

The result is a product that not only meets OEM standards, but in many cases exceeds them. All of this with an average increase of 33% in product shelf life. Direct replacement formulations coupled with OEM style packaging where possible result in a product that requires no flushing and makes using Newcode ink jet consumables easy and reliable!

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Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)

Looking for an alternative supplier for your HP® type inks? Newcode has the lower cost, high quality alternatives you need. Available in cartridges or in bulk supply, we have inks for porous, non-porous and food grade applications. Superior Decap performance and highly smudge resistant inks were designed for use in most OEM systems utilising HP® technology.

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Drop On Demand (DOD) Fluids

Newcode manufactures a broad line of direct replacement drop-on-demand (DOD) inks for use in many printing systems manufactured by such OEM's as Videojet®, Domino®, Squid®, Loveshaw®, Marsh® Willett®, Zanasi® and others.

Our DOD fluids are among the cleanest in the industry, helping keep your printers running longer and more reliably! Our customers experience less down time while realising crisp high quality print, 100% utilisation of our ink products due to zero sediment drop-out and longer product shelf life.

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Hi-Resolution Drop on Demand Inks

Newcode offers one of the finest lines of alternative hi-resolution inks in the industry! Complete line of hi-resolution inks for use with Trident® based printing systems manufactured by such OEM's as Diagraph®, Marsh®, FoxJet®, Loveshaw®, Zanasi® and others. Our replacement hi-resolution inks set the standard for performance and quality. Dark sharp print, longer shelf life and cleaner jetting are what you'll experience with Newcode hi-resolution inkjet fluids.

Newcode offers a complete line of porous, non-porous and food grade inks for use in Xaar® based systems manufactured by such OEM's as Marsh®, Videojet®, Imaje®, Squid® and others. Whether in bottles, bags or cartridges, Newcode has the right solution for your company’s needs.

Hot Melt Solid Inks

Newcode's solid ink division specialises in formulating and manufacturing of solid inkjet products for use in a variety of OEM systems. Our solid inks are designed specifically for use in hot melt printing equipment and are manufactured using advanced hot melt technology coupled with exacting filtration standards. Whether you're looking for an alternative to your current ink supplier or if you're an OEM looking for custom formulations…Newcode can help.

Our range of solid inks for use with Markem® hot melt printing systems are formulated with our customer's needs in mind. Whether you have small character or large character ink jet printing systems, Newcode has a solution to help your company realise significant cost savings. Our solid inks provide reliable operation with great print quality and performance including, good adhesion and excellent abrasion resistance capabilities.

Other Inks

We offer a full range of porous water-based inks as well as non-porous inks including MEK, Ethanol, N-Propanol and Ethyl Acetate in a variety of colours. Whether you need your ink in quarts, 8oz non-aerosol bottles, 1 litre cartridges, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or in totes or whatever container you may have, Newcode helps you make your mark!

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