MACSA iCON Laser Marking and Coding

The MACSA iCON Laser Marking and Coding unit is a specialist small character coding laser which eliminates the cost advantage often associated with inkjet printers.

iCON is compact, clean, fast and easy to use and best of all, it uses no consumables

The latest in laser technology along with the fact that it does not need expensive spares results in a laser coding system that requires little maintenance and minimal operational costs. No headaches.

  • iconMACSA iCON Laser Marking and Coding unit does not use ink. This means very low costs: no consumables budget and no ink system to maintain.
  • iCON is unique. Now price is no longer a reason not to use a laser. iCON by Macsa delivers top quality performance at a competitive price.
  • MACSA iCON Laser Marking and Coding unit will go anywhere. It is small and compact so it can be installed in the most difficult locations. And because it is a laser it can code onto both stationary and moving products. An external controller can be connected if necessary.
  • iCON can be trusted. Because it is based on Macsa’s 25 years experience in laser technology it is very reliable; maintenance and repair costs are minimal.
  • No surprises. An iCON print is a permanent print which will last for the lifetime of your product. And it is consistently high quality not dotty like an inkjet; moreover it works with most substrates from labels and cartons through a range of plastics to glass, wood and textiles.
  • iCON is a sprinter. It uses high performance optics, powerful hardware and advanced, low overhead software to enable its core laser to meet the speeds of most production lines.
  • No unwanted ink deposits and no solvent emissions. iCON enables you to keep your environment clean and minimise your carbon footprint.
  • Anyone can use iCON. There is an integrated colour touch screen and the interface is intuitive with context sensitive menus which make it easy to navigate. New users learn quickly.
  • No ink means no mess and a cleaner, more hygienic production environment.
MACSA iCON Laser Specifications
System Type i-1010 i-1010 net i-1030 i-1030 net
Power 10W 30W
Wavelength 10.6 µm
Mains Supply 115V / 230 V 50/60 Hz
(1 Phase + N) 300 VA (1 Phase + N) 650 VA
Dimensions (AxBxC) 632.5mm x 126mm x183mm 725mm x 186mm x 237mm
Weight Net: 10kg Gross: 12kg Net: 22kg Gross: 25kg
System Laser, scanners, power supply units, control electronics and CPU in the laser system
Optics Work Distance (mm) Focal Distance (mm) Marking Area (mm x mm) Beam Diameter (µm) Power Density (kWcm²) Beam Diameter (µm) Power Density (kWcm²)
95 100 30 x 30 24.372.8
µm: microns
Marking Area Indicator and Focal Length Indicator Optional
  • ScanLinux V5.2.7 and higher
  • MarcaLite software (only net model)
User Interface
  • Touchscreen (included)
  • PC (only net model)
  • Touchscreen with ScanLinux software
  • MarcaLite™ software with security key and Ethernet (TCP/IP) cable connection (net model only)
Marking Head CO² sealed laser tube
R.F. technology
Wavelength: 10.6 µm
Accessories/Options iCON touchscreen terminal - Photocell kit - Photocell - Encoder kit -Alarm lit - Fume extractor - Plexiglass protection - Ground support - U-ARM assembly support 45x45 - Back pack - Tripod floor stand - Horizontal tripod grip - Vertical tripod grip - Table protection - Marking papers - Protection goggles -Focal distance indicator
Environmental Conditions
  • 10° C (50° F) to 40° C (104° F) external temperature
  • Humidity <95% without condensation
  • Vibration free area
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