The New Hitachi UX Low-waste inkjet coders

Hitachi UX is rapidly becoming the go-to marking and coding solution, thanks to unparalleled efficiency, accuracy and usability; the Hitachi UX Series incorporates the same proven low-pressure, ink return system used in previous Hitachi series printers that “pulsates” the ink stream, effectively decreasing air mixing with ink, minimizing solvent evaporation and greatly reducing running costs.

In addition The Hitachi UX continuous inkjet printer goes even further by adding a new cartridge-type system, making ink replacement clean and easy and eradicating the need to pour liquids. The ink and make-up cartridges can be used right down to the last drop of fluid. The result is less waste and the elimination of costly separate disposal requirements for cartridges.

The Hitachi UX Series is available in two models and can print up to six lines. UX printers include an improved, state-of-the-art user interface with a full 10.4 in. colour touchscreen panel. The panel comes complete with icon-based graphics indicating ink levels and notifying when to replace the cartridges. The standard ethernet connectivity enables printers to be easily networked.

Easy and quick replacement of ink and makeup cartridges without staining your hands. A new error prevention feature (alarm) is provided using IC tags for ink and makeup replacement. Simplified checking makes the replacement more effective.

A single printhead allows prints of up to six lines. Hitachi’s original interlaced print control system clearly prints characters one by one. The new print control system also enables single-line high-speed printing, which provides excellent print quality.

A 10.4-inch TFT LCD touch-panel screen provides a wide,easy-to-see viewing angle and contact-type intuitive operation. In addition, when calling new data, a finished image of the print can be checked on the screen, which helps avoid any erroneous printing.