P140 Pre-printed Label Applicator

P140 Pre-printed Label ApplicatorApplying pre-printed labels to your products is not a problem for the P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator. Designed for high reliability within fast-moving 24/7 factories the P140 Applicator will apply rolls of labels up to 300mm diameter at speeds of up to 100 products per minute.

Predominantly manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel and easy to wipe down, it is ideal for high-hygiene sites such as pharmaceutical or food plants. High reliability, easy setup and modular components ensure that you get the most out of the P140 with minimal intervention.

The optional bespoke designed IPC has a rugged stainless steel, auto-ranging power supply and vandal-proof keyboard the c100 IPC that can cope with running most factory applications whilst still being able to withstand the rigours of an industrial environment. The keyboard is not fitted with visible CTRL, ALT or function keys thus making it harder for operators to tamper with the software.

Key Features:

  • 300mm label roll capability to maximise throughput
  • High-speed with up to 100 50 x 25mm labels applied per minute
  • Top or side labelling
  • Variable reach peeler plate with easy variation
  • Peeler plate and motor assembly can be rotated to allow easy access
  • Pneumatic round-the-corner label application option – no moving parts
  • Easy-to-use control panel – only two parameters to change
  • Integral alarm beacon visible from any direction
  • Narrow footprint minimises the impact on your walkways and floor space
  • Simple height adjustments with counterbalance gas strut
  • Modular construction – all major components can be exchanged in less than 30 minutes
  • Polymer bearings throughout – performance in humid, chilled or damp environments
P140 Pre-printed Label Applicator Specifications
Model P140
Dimensions (approx) 1067mm(L) x 360mm(W) x 1211mm(H)
Applicator features Side or top application
Applcator speed Up to 100 50mm x 25mm labels per minute
Label roll length Up to 300m

Additional Equipment (Optional)

  • Top-down
  • Air knife
  • Mirror Image
  • Integral conveyor
  • Industrial PC
  • Barcode verification system

*Notes for search engines: Our outercase labelling and barcode labelling prints all barcode formats including EAN128 and ITF14 barcodes for retailers and the retail supply chain including Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury, Iceland, Asda. As Codeology are an Accredited GS1 Solution Provider all labels are printed to GS1 standards on our Barcode Label Printers. The p100 barcode label outercase printer applicator gives print and apply labelling with side, side and end and adjacent side labelling. The Codeology P100 is a side, side and end, or case end print & apply barcode label printer. It will label sealed cartons or Retail-Ready Packaging, Shelf Ready Packaging (or SRP) or Shelf Ready Cartons (SRC).

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