Technology – MACSA Laser Marking

MACSA Laser Marking and Coding Systems

MACSA Lasers Marking systems are used to apply small character codes (lot codes and batch numbers, dates etc) and other alphanumeric information to packaged goods such as foodstuffs and beverages, personal and household care products and pharmaceuticals.

They typically complete with continuous ink jet printers.
The MACSA iCON is a specialist small character coding laser. Other Macsa laser marking used for marking include the K series CO2 lasers and the fLASER specialist film and foil fiber laser.


The MACSA iCON Laser is a specialist small character coding laser which eliminates the cost advantage often associated with inkjet printers. iCON is compact, clean, fast and easy to use and best of all, it uses no consumables

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fLASER lasers from Macsa are film and foil coding lasers. They are used to apply variable information to flexible packaging and other foil, film and plastic coated packaging without damaging the substrate. They are cost-effective and high quality alternatives to the other traditional technologies

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MACSA K1000 Laser

THE INCREDIBLY COMPACT MACSA K1000 Laser along with an adjustable marking head ensures that you can install this system on even the most complicated production lines. The system can even be integrated with other manufacturer’s equipment.

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