XAAR 128 Drop-on-Demand Printers


The HSAJet XAAR 128 Drop-on-demand printer systems are used in numerous industrial applications and are compatible with a wide range of oil-based, solvent and dye sublimation inks. Delivers non-contact outercase and product coding ideal for rough surfaces such as Tyvek, wood, pallets and corrigated cardboard.

Piezo inkjet, drop-on-demand technology offers a wide range of print heights and configurations, which eliminates the need for additional labeling or pre-printed stock. It features the lowest cost  per print, very simple setup and alignment, and non-contact coding, combined with flexible and modular constructions. The Piezo printers are widely used in the packaging industry, but are also a good choice for other industries, such as mailing.

Key Features:

  • 4 printer types: non-wetting: 128/80, 128/80 high-speed, 128/40 and wetting: 128/80W
  • Low cost per printheads
  • Ideal for sell by dates, batch numbers, form print and small barcode printing
  • Outercase and product non-contact coding – eg Tyvek, wood, pallets and cardboard
  • No downtime – ink change while printing
  • Robust and reliable printers – no maintenance
  • Up to 70mm print height without alignment each (combine up to 4 printers - 280mm)
  • Variety of inks available – ideal for challenging non-porous substrates
  • Porous media custom colour inks available
  • 0.5 / 1 litre ink supply possible – no inverted ink supply with risk of ink spillage
Pharmaceutical Print & Verify System Specification
Model XAAR 128 / 80 /80HS / 40 / 80W
Dimensions 38mm(W) x 12mm(D) x 41mm(H)
Weight (dry) 0.15kg
Ink Wide range of coloured oil-based inks
Printable images via Controller See individual controller specifications
Print features Side or downwards
Print Quality 185dpi (up to 70m per minute with high-speed head (XAAR 128/80)
Operating temperature range 10 – 40°C
Humidity 10 – 90% non-condensing


XAAR Printers: XAAR 128/80 XAAR 128/80 HS XAAR 128/40 XAAR 128/80W
Print heights (mm) 17.5 / 35 / 52.5 / 70 17.5 17.5 / 35 / 52.5 / 70 17.5 / 35 / 52.5 / 70
Nozzle plate Non-wetting Non-wetting Non-wetting Wetting
Print resolution (DPI) 185 185 185 185
Drop volume (PI) 80 80 40 80
Max frequency (kHz) 4.25 4.25 8.3 5.5
Max linear speed (m/mm) 35 70 68 45

Compatible Controllers: 

Available to be used in combination with HSAJet XAAR 128 and XAAR 500 printers are:

  • Controller Unit (CU2): The HSAJet Controller Unit is a high-resolution print controller. Connected to our standard printers it has the function of a stand-alone system. The CUF is equipped with LAN and Serial communication allowing remote controlled variable printing. A compact Controller Unit handling up to 2" print height.
  • Touch Industrial Controller (TIPC15): The HSAJet TIPC15 builds on the HSAJet controller board (CB) solution. The built-in controller board is PCI based and can control up to 2" of print height.
  • Office-Style Printer Controller Board (OPC): The HSAJet OPC boards are based upon reliable technology which offers consistent, high quality, fast printing. The OPC comes with either 2" or 4" print height version, in a standard PC casing which comes with a cooling rear 3-speed fan and 2 USB ports in its front panel.
  • Rack-Style Printer Controller Board (RPC): The HSAJet RPC board comes with either 6" or 8" print height, in an industrial 19" rack that offers excellent cooling features, a lockable front panel and an exchangeable dust filter. The intuitive HSAJet software has all the necessary features including database connection.
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