Corporate Policies

Newcode encourages respect for the environment and the adoption of an environmentally responsible attitude in the fulfilment of business objectives related to the manufacture of coding and marking equipment and printing inks.

Newcode firmly believes that corporate responsibility is integral to business success, and we are firmly committed to the welfare of our stakeholders including our communities, employees, environment, value chain, and shareholders. Newcode expects every member of staff to take individual responsibility for their performance and to work together to achieve these goals.

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Our Values

It is the policy set by the management team of Newcode Partnership Ltd that all operational activities are carried out in a planned and controlled manner in order to meet our client requirements and to ensure that all operational business activities are not detrimental to the environment.

Our Principles

During the carrying out of its operational activities the management team of Newcode Partnership Ltd are committed to:

  • Continuous improvement of the environmental management performance & prevention of pollution
  • Compliance with all current and relevant legislative & regulatory requirements
  • Using energy efficiently and implementing energy saving measures where possible
  • Ensuring all activities are conducted in such a way to cause minimum negative impact on the environment
  • Minimising waste product & disposing of waste in a proper manner using registered carriers & recycling suitable materials wherever practicable
  • Promoting the use of products that are friendly to the environment (I.e non COSHH labelled products) & achieving reductions in the use of environmentally unsuitable products
  • Promoting the conversation & sustainable use of natural resources wherever possible
  • Raising the awareness of environmental issues with all the relevant parties associated with carrying out work for and on behalf of the Company

Employee/Agent Commitment

Every person working for or on behalf of Newcode Partnership Ltd has a duty to perform all work tasks in a manner which restricts the effects and impact on the environment to as low as is deemed reasonably practicable.

Policy Control and Review

The policy will be constantly reviewed as to its performance and will be amended as deemed necessary to meet with the business and operational requirements.

Our Values

It is the policy of the Directors and management team at Newcode Partnership Ltd as a professional and safety orientated business to provide and maintain as far as reasonable practicable a place of work that is a safe and healthy working environment without risk to employees and others working on or visiting our place(s) of work.

All work will be carried out in accordance with best practice principles, ensuring that health & safety matters are always given priority as far as reasonably practicable in the planning and day-to-day management and supervision of all work undertaken within the Company.

Purpose: The business will adopt a General Health, Safety & Welfare Policy, and where necessary this is complimented by specific documents relevant to the work being undertaken by its employee(s) and agent(s).

Scope: Applies to all employee(s) and agent(s) of Newcode Partnership Ltd.

Responsibility: The Chief Executive and designated representatives.

The management team of Newcode Partnership Ltd will endeavour to:

  • Comply with all relevant statutory regulations and approved codes of practice and guidance as far as reasonably practicable
  • Promote safety awareness by providing suitable information and instruction. Communication in this important area of management is maintained and documented where applicable
  • Provide adequate supervision and required training to personnel
  • Provide suitable and sufficient welfare facilities
  • To assist in the development and success of our Policy, Newcode Partnership Ltd will employ the services of an accredited safety consultant as and when required
  • Conduct suitable and sufficient assessments on any risks in relation to health/safety management and
  • take appropriate action
  • Implement the appropriate controls to minimise the risks associated to all work activities, products and services
  • Ensure at all times safe systems of work are adopted and effectively communicated
  • Monitor any activity which may endanger the health of an employee, where applicable make arrangements for health surveillance
  • Work within the safe Workplace Exposure Limits as advised by the suppliers on the Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Provide all necessary safety devices and protective equipment to perform a work task safely
  • Commit to this Policy in assisting to develop and maintain positive safety culture at all levels and throughout all activities conducted by the Company
  • Ensure that employees are adequately trained in the proper use, maintenance and storage of the devices and equipment, and are aware of the defect reporting procedure

Employee/Agent Commitment

Employees/agents appointed by the Company must be aware that they have a legal duty under Section 7 of the Health & Safety at Work Etc Act 1974 to reasonable care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their actions or omissions during the course of their work.

Policy Control and Review

The Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its performance and effectiveness and will be amended as deemed necessary to meet the Company's needs. Policy will be reviewed at least every 12 months.

Our Values

It is the policy of the Chief Executive and management team at Newcode Partnership Ltd to process non-conforming material in a systematic manner and to establish corrective action with the goal of preventing future occurrences. The purpose of this procedure is to establish a process for the monitoring and review of non-conforming material and implementation of a corrective action plan.

Purpose: To identify and control non-conforming product and maintain records of non-Scope: Applies to all products and services, both produced and purchased.

Responsibility: The Chief Executive and designated representatives.

Newcode Partnership Ltd will ensure that product which does not conform to a specified product requirement is identified and controlled to prevent its unintended use or delivery. One of the following methods will be implemented to deal with the non-conforming product:

  • Action will be taken to eliminate the detected non-conformity;
  • Use, release, or acceptance under concession will be authorised by a relevant authorisation within the Company and, if applicable, by the customer;
  • Action will be taken to ensure that the non-conforming product is not used for its original intended use or application; or
  • To prevent non-conforming products from being used or shipped, they are marked with a 'REJECTED' label and are segregated in a designated non-conformance storage area.

Records will be maintained and will include at least one of the following:

  • The nature of non-conformities; and
  • Subsequent actions taken including concessions obtained; and
  • When non-conforming product is corrected, it will be re-verified to demonstrate conformity to the original specified requirements; and
  • If non-conforming product is detected after delivery or use has started, Newcode Partnership Ltd will take action appropriate to the effects.

Record Keeping

All records created as a result of this policy will be viewed as indicators(s) of quality and will be controlled and retained, and will be subject to regular monitoring and review.

Policy Control and Review

The Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its performance and effectiveness in the quality management system control of non-conforming materials. Copies of this policy will be displayed at all Newcode locations, communicated to every employee and be available to all other interested parties. Policy changes will be approved and communicated by the Chief Executive.

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Our Values

The Quality Policy of Newcode Partnership Ltd is to determine, agree and conform to our customer needs and expectations. The Company recognises that to be competitive and maintain good economic performance, the Company must employ management systems that continually improve the quality of our services and increase the satisfaction of our customers/clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society at large.

Our Principles

It is one of the key objectives of the Company that the quality standards operating within the Company provide:

  • Confidence of our customers/clients that their requirements for quality and safety are being achieved in the delivered product
  • Operating standards including monitoring of performance and adoption of a best practice, continuous improvement philosophy throughout all operations
  • Confidence of our management and staff that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, and that quality improvements take place
  • A framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives

Employee/Agent Commitment

Newcode are conscious that the motivation of our employees is dependent on their training and understanding of the tasks they are expected to perform. It is part of our on-going training programme that this Policy is communicated and understood at appropriate levels within the Company.

Policy Control and Review

The Policy will be regularly reviewed to ensure its performance and effectiveness and will be amended as deemed necessary to meet the Company's customers/clients’ needs. The Policy will be reviewed at least every 12 months.

The specific arrangements for the implementation of the Policy are detailed in support documentation.

Our Values

Newcode aspires to be a leader in social accountability within the industrial inkjet industry by promoting a positive culture with respect to human rights and the continuous improvement of working conditions.

Our Commitment

Newcode as a coding and marking solutions business is committed to managing our operations in a way that complies with all relevant employment legislation. In order to support implementation of our values we will adopt the SA8000 guidance for managing social accountability throughout our operations. This commitment is underpinned by the Newcode Code of Business Principles.

Our Principles

Newcode will continuously identify, assess, manage and improve the elements of our operation that impact on social accountability. In line with sound business practice we will:

  • Conduct our business with fairness, honest, integrity and respect for the interests of our stakeholders
  • Comply with the laws and regulations within the countries we operate
  • Prevent the use of child labour and forced labour, improve health and safety, support freedom of association, prevent discrimination, implement performance management and manage compensation and working hours.
  • Implement a management system that establishes responsibilities, support policies, monitoring methods and a review process of our performance.
  • Provide awareness training on social accountability and where required job specific training for employees.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to support our principles and commitment on social accountability and introduce programmes aimed at supporting these principles.

Policy Control and Review

Copies of this policy will be displayed at all Newcode locations, communicated to every employee and be available to all other interested parties. Policy changes will be approved and communicated by the Chief Executive.

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