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Hitachi RX2 Series

Hitachi RX2 Series

Hitachi RX2 Series

If you are looking for a versatile, reliable and economical continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer for your commercial marking and coding applications, the Hitachi RX2 series can be a perfect choice.

This industrial small character high-speed printer is designed to provide high-quality  non-contact marking for a variety of different applications and materials. The series includes entry-level and fully-featured configurations, and has become a popular choice for industrial use thanks to its flexible, intuitive design and eco-friendly performance.

By ordering your Hitachi inkjet printer through Newcode, you will gain access to our best-in-class technical support and extended warranty, as well as a unique ink and makeup service contract that allows you to claim your Hitachi RX2 printer at zero upfront cost.

Explore the full benefits of the Hitachi RX2 series, or get in contact with Newcode Partnership on 01942 228882. You can also fill out our online contact form to arrange a call back.

Here are just a few of the key reasons to choose the Hitachi RX2 series:

Easy operation and maintenance
An optimised design provides easier access to the printer’s circulation and electrical cabinets, allowing for efficient field installations and simplifying the maintenance process

Highly reliable
The RX2 printhead is made of cast aluminum to offer greater rigidity and resilience, even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions either indirectly and directly.

Improved ink circulation block
The printer’s ink filter assembly has been designed to be easily accessible through the circulation cabinet’s front panel, and can be replaced without the use of specialist tools

Bright, clear and intuitive touchscreen interface
The RX2 series is easy to operate thanks to a user-friendly touchscreen interface, with print messages presented clearly through a WYSIWYG display, and printer function buttons displayed as icons for ease of understanding

A wide range of ink type options
A broad selection of inks is available for the RX2 series to meet various needs, including highly-functional inks that offer strong adhesion even for challenging PP and PE surfaces, or glass affected by dew condensation

Eco-friendly printing
Environment-friendly chromium-free and ethanol-based ink varieties are compatible with the RX2 series, ensuring eco-safe printing and making the system suitable for global and plant sanitary environments

Automated power and cleaning options
Setting up automatic nozzle cleaning and powering the system off has been combined into a single push-button function on the RX2 series, meaning operators can simply set off an automated cleanup and shutdown cycle after daily printing is complete, without needing to wait to power it off manually

Versatile connectivity options
The RX2 series offers support for remote connectivity with external equipment and supports numerous connection methods, including I/O interfaces for PNP/NPN and the option of RS-232C compatible transmission

This combination of quality, reliability and performance, as well as the wide range of supported features, has helped the RX2 retain its best-in-class crown for many years.

Hitachi RX2 - model options

Hitachi’s RX2 series is available in two separate models, the Basic (Entry) model and the Standard (Flexible) model, both of which are available from Newcode Partnership:

Basic (Entry) Model

The basic RX2-BD160W entry-level printer model is optimised for simple coding applications in everyday environments. It includes all of the features detailed above, housed within a compact design and offering industry-leading performance at a relatively economical price point.

Standard (Flexible) Model

The more comprehensive RX2-SD160W flexible printer model provides a wider range of options for users, enabling it to be used in a broader variety of potential applications, including high-speed printing, longer messages, 2D barcodes, QR and micro codes.

Other key advantages of the RX2 Standard model include the addition of RS-232C-compatible transmission as a standard feature, rather than an optional extra, and exclusive support for LAN communication through a network via an Ethernet connection.

Compare the full specifications of the Basic and Standard models below:


Why order your Hitachi RX2 printer from Newcode?

As UK Platinum Partners of the Hitachi brand, Newcode Partnership is able to provide you with unique deals and first-class technical support that cannot be found elsewhere.

By signing up to a five-year contract to purchase your ink and makeup exclusively through Newcode, you can receive your Hitachi RX2 printer for no upfront cost. You will also be able to access the following benefits:

  • A five-year extended warranty
  • Five-year servicing cover
  • Five-year fixed contract prices for consumables, parts and labour
  • Unlimited engineering callouts, which can be arranged on the same day or the next day
  • Monthly health checks to ensure your RX2 printer is in optimal condition

From only £49 per month, we also offer a Hitachi Breakdown and Service Cover package, including:

  • Zero parts and labour costs
  • Annual printer servicing
  • Over-the-phone technical support
  • 8-hour rapid response time in case of breakdowns
  • Like-for-like printer replacements if your unit cannot be repaired
  • Discounts on other Newcode products, including consumables, printers, training and other services

Learn more about how to claim your free Hitachi printer here. No matter which product you select, Newcode can provide you with the very best technical support and customer care via our Europe-wide network of sales representatives, field technicians and distributors.

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To learn more about the Hitachi RX2 series or find out how to claim your free Hitachi inkjet printer, contact Newcode today. We will be happy to answer any questions, and can help you find the right marking and coding solution for your business.

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