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Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printers

Hitachi Continuous Inkjet Printers

Key Benefits

  • Clean & easy cartridge system
  • Significant reduction of makeup consumption
  • Character height 2-10mm
  • Up to 6-line printing
  • Up to 240 print characters (option: up to 1000 characters)
  • Up to 1,538 characters per second (option: up to 3,076)
  • Up to 300 message storage capacity (option: up to 2000)
  • IP65 protection (total dust ingress)

Hitachi UX2 Continuous Inkjet Printer

The Hitachi UX2-D160W is the latest addition to Hitachi's continuous inkjet printer (CIJ) line. The Hitachi UX2 is tailor-made for tomorrow's production lines and is one of the most economical, user-friendly and highly capable solutions available for marking and coding. You can order this product today at Newcode Partnership, receiving best-in-class customer support.


This cutting-edge Continuous Inkjet model ensures seamless line functionality with a host of new
attributes that significantly reduce downtimes. Newly developed features include an automated
printhead cleaning system within a safe cleaning station and a printhead ink guard, enhancing
reliability and print quality. Maintaining its commitment to user-friendly operation, the Hitachi UX2 is equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface resembling a simple tablet and offers video-based guidance making UX2 easy to use.

Refinements in the print head design effectively eliminate contamination, while a capture electrode
guarantees uninterrupted, high-quality printing.

With the secure-clean station in place, your continuous inkjet system remains perpetually accessible, regardless of breaks, shift changes, weekends, or extended shutdowns.

The Hitachi UX2 sets a new standard for superior type quality and consistent high performance due to an enhanced printing algorithm. Additionally, its new high-speed printhead allows for 1- and 2-line applications at optimum quality, achieving speeds of up to 330 m/min. Furthermore, a diverse range of interfaces and communication protocols—such as Ethernet, RS232/Modbus, Ethernet/IP, and OPC/UA—render the UX2 compatible with Industry 4.0 standards.

Packed With New Features

The new Hitachi UX2 printer combines innovation with the reliability customers have come to expect from Hitachi. The UX2 continuous inkjet printer has several new features to enhance the coding process:



  • Safe-Clean Station - This integrated cleaning station flushes, cleans, and dries the printhead
    with a single, automatic cycle. The sealed reservoir eliminates the need to expose solvent to the manufacturing floor and captures all solvent for safe and easy disposal.
  • Smart Start FunctionThe self-diagnosis start-up automatically cleans the nozzle to ensure smooth start-up and operation.
  • Ink GuardThis patented design reduces faults and print quality issues caused by ink build up and allows the printer to go three (3) times longer between routine cleaning when compared to other printer models.
  • Quick Change ConnectorsThe preconfigured I/O connectors allows you to easy move the CIJ printer to and from the production line, eliminating time consuming mistakes.
  • Improved Print Algorithms– Hitachi’s proprietary algorithm provides crisp, clear codes at extreme line speeds.
  • Onboard Video GuidanceExpanded on-screen easy-to-follow onboard video guidance with animation for common tasks and trouble-shooting.

Why choose the Hitachi UX2-D160W?

The Hitachi UX2-D160W is a robust, high-performance CIJ printer that incorporates a wide range of
options, design features and enhancements to deliver economical, environmentally-friendly and
reliable printing performance for commercial applications.
Capable of printing barcodes, data matrices, QR codes and more, the UX2-D160W is ideal for challenging applications, such as printing on drinks containers like milk and juice cartons, thanks to its ergonomically-designed printhead. It is also suitable for printing both large characters and micro-fonts depending on the nozzle size.
Here are some of the main reasons to choose the Hitachi UX2-D160W:

  • High-performance printing
    The Hitachi UX2-D160W printer offers six separate printing lines, for prints of up to 240 characters, at a print rate of 1,538 characters per second.
  • Easy-to-use interface
    The unit comes with a full-colour 10.1” TFT LCD touchscreen and simple WYSIWYG interface, offering the ability to preview the finished image on the screen before going ahead with printing to prevent errors, and an icon-based graphic display to indicate when ink levels are low.
  • Economical easy-drain cartridge system
    The printer’s ink and makeup cartridges can be easily changed without stopping production, and are optimised for the complete evacuation of fluids, allowing them to be used right down to the last drop. Empty cartridges are then sealed after removal to prevent any hazardous solvents from escaping.
  • Robust performance in challenging environments
    The UX2-D160W’s stainless steel cabinet offers IP65-standard protection, providing total protection from dust ingress and protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction. It may also be used in temperatures ranging from 0° to 50°C, making the system suitable for a variety of production environments.
  • Low total cost of operation and ownership
    Each component of the ergonomic printhead can be replaced individually, reducing the need to purchase costly sub-assemblies, while maintenance items are also replaceable individually. This, combined with the economical ink consumption, delivers significant savings for users

Order your Hitachi UX2 printer through Newcode to receive expert technical support, an extended
warranty and ongoing after-sale care, as well as the option of an ink and makeup service contract that includes the printer itself at zero upfront cost.
Explore the full benefits of the Hitachi UX2 here, or contact Newcode Partnership on 01942 228882. You can also fill out our online contact form form to arrange a call back.

Why order your Hitachi UX2-D160W printer from Newcode?

Newcode Partnership is a UK Platinum Partner of the Hitachi brand, meaning we can provide you with
top-end technical support and special deals that cannot be matched elsewhere.
We offer exclusive five-year contracts to purchase your ink and makeup through Newcode, which
allows you to receive the Hitachi UX2 printer itself free of charge. By signing up with Newcode, the
following benefits are also available:

  • A five-year extended warranty
  • Five-year servicing cover
  • Five-year fixed contract prices for consumables, parts and labour
  • Unlimited engineering callouts, which can be arranged on the same day or the next day
  • Monthly health checks to keep your UX2 printer in optimal condition

We also offer a Hitachi Breakdown and Service Cover package from only £79 per month, including:

  • Zero parts and labour costs
  • Annual printer servicing
  • Over-the-phone technical support
  • 8-hour rapid response time in case of breakdowns
  • Like-for-like printer replacements if your unit cannot be repaired
  • Discounts on other Newcode products, including consumables, printers, training and other services

Learn more about how to claim your free Hitachi printer here. You can always count on Newcode for expert technical support and customer care, thanks to our Europe-wide network of sales representatives, field technicians and distributors.

Find out more
To learn more about the Hitachi UX2-D160W or find out how to claim a free Hitachi UX series printer, contact Newcode today. We are here to help you find the right marking and coding solution for your business and answer all of your questions.

Call us on 01942 228882. or fill out our online contact form to request a call back at your convenience. 

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Product Specifications

  UX2 UX2-D160W
Nozzle size 65μm
Max. number of print lines up to 6 lines
Max. number of print characters 240 characters (option: up to 1,000 characters)
4x5 1 to 6 lines (Short printhead option : up to 2 lines)
5x5 1 to 6 lines (Short printhead option : up to 2 lines)
5x8 or 5x7 1 to 4 lines (Short printhead option : up to 2 lines)
9x8 or 9x7 1 to 4 lines (Short printhead option : up to 2 lines)
7x10 1 to 3 lines (Short printhead option : 1 line)
10x12 1 to 2 lines (Short printhead option : 1 line)
12x16 1 to 2 lines (Short printhead option : 1 line)
18x24  1 line
24x32 1 line
30x40 1 line
36x48 1 line
Character height 2-10mm (optional short print head: 2.0-6.5mm)
Input device & display

WYSWYG design

Display: 10.1“ color TFT LCD, WSVGA(1024×600)

Input device: Touch panel, input sound provided

Maximum print rate (character per second) (Font 4×5, space 1 dot, 1 line, 76.9kHz) Up to 1,538 (option: up to 3,076)
Standard characters Alphanumeric(A~Z, a-z,0~9), symbols(27) and space: Total 90
User pattern 200 patterns each for dot matrix (50 patterns for Free size)
Barcode print code39, ITF, NW-7, JAN-13, JAN-8, code128/EAN128, UPC-A, UPC-E, GS-1 Databar
2D code printing

Data Matrix (Alphabet: 49 characters/Numericals: 98 characters),

QR code (Alphabetical characters only: 61, Numbers only: 101),

Micro-QR code (Alphabetical characters only: 11, Numbers only: 18)

Print functions Calendar, Count, (Option: Shift code)
Message storage capacity 300 messages (option: up to 2000 messages)
Input signal

Print target detection, Printing stop, Rotary encoder pulse,

Reciprocative printing, Remote control (Run, Stop, High-voltage ON/OFF, Reset), (NPN/PNP selectable)

Input signal

Print target detection, Printing stop, Rotary encoder pulse,

Reciprocative printing, Remote control (Run, Stop, High-voltage ON/OFF, Reset), (NPN/PNP selectable)

Output signal

Print in progress or Print complete, Online (NPN/PNP selectable), Print ready, Fault, Warning (NPN only)

Customizable screen  
Animation guidance  


Data interface

USB/RS-232 Converters at baud rates selectable up to 115,200bps

Ethernet communication

Modbus, EtherNet/IP, OPC-UA

Print head cable length / angle

4m (in-line/90 degrees)

Operating temperature range

0~50°C (1067K Ink)

Operating humidity range

30~90%RH (no condensation)

International protection


Power supply (Automatic voltage selection)

AC100~120/200~240V±10%, 50/60Hz


460×425×534mm (Width×Depth×Height)

Approximate weight

27 kg (60 lbs

General Specifications

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