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Industrial Coding and Marking Systems

Industrial Coding and Marking Systems

Coding and Marking for Building Materials

Having a high-quality coding and marking system for building materials helps to ensure that your production lines remain efficient, and that your products are properly coded to industry standards. Newcode Partnership’s printing solutions for building materials deliver excellent quality and performance for your business.

Our advanced coding and marking equipment is configured to meet the needs of companies responsible for creating and processing building materials, including industry-leading solutions from top brands Hitachi and Anser. Our systems are suitable for printing on wood, tiling, cardboard, extrusions and packaging materials of all kinds.

Placing an order with Newcode provides you with access to a complete range of support services and exclusive offers. We offer a unique contract model that means you can receive your Hitachi printer free of charge, and we also provide comprehensive aftersale support, including a five-year warranty, ongoing consumables ordering and parts replacement. 

Learn more about our coding and marking systems for building materials by contacting Newcode Partnership today on 01942 228882. You can also fill out our online contact form to arrange a call back.

Our coding and marking applications for building materials

The marking and coding requirements for the building materials industry are highly specific and challenging. Printing equipment used by businesses in this sector needs to be versatile, efficient and capable of printing easily on a wide variety of different surfaces and substrates.

The industry requires high-performance printers to encode key information on to building materials, including batch numbers, barcodes, production dates, grading data and other crucial pieces of information that are essential for quality validation and traceability. This must be carried out in an environment where dust exposure and extreme temperatures are a common occurrence, and production lines are expected to operate constantly without interruption.

Newcode Partnership provides marking and coding equipment that delivers reliable, high-quality coding and marking performance for a complete range of building industry printing applications. Our systems are capable of printing on the following substrates:

  • Wood and cardboard
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Paper and plastic bags
  • Plastic extrusions
  • Packaging of various shapes, sizes and materials

With our advanced printing equipment, businesses are able to produce building materials that contain all of the information required to ensure regulatory compliance and meet the needs of consumers, while keeping production efficiency at a high level.

Our coding and marking equipment for building materials

Newcode Partnership provides a range of coding and marking systems suitable for use with building materials, providing highly efficient and precise printing in demanding conditions, while also offering an intuitive design and reliable performance.

Each of these systems offers a number of key features and benefits for printing on building materials, including:

  • Contact-free printing suitable for all major building material types and substrates
  • Crisp, consistent printing performance on irregularly-shaped surfaces
  • Reliable and highly automated operations, with minimal downtime or manual input required
  • Strong resistance against dust and water ingress, and protection against shocks and impacts, ensuring consistent performance in a wide variety of challenging production and manufacturing environments
  • User-friendly touchscreen displays, intuitive workflows and numerous configuration options
  • Compact footprint for ease of integration into any production line

To find out more about which of our systems would be most suitable for your application, get in touch with Newcode Partnership today for expert advice from our team of technical experts.

Why choose Newcode?

As one of the UK’s leading sellers of marking, coding and printing solutions, Newcode Partnership has been providing industry-leading coding systems for building materials for more than 20 years. Our close partnerships with Hitachi and Anser allow us to provide unique commercial packages and offers that provide unbeatable value and customer support.

Our flagship contract offering allows you to receive your Hitachi printing equipment at zero upfront cost by signing up to purchase your ink and makeup through Newcode. What’s more, all Newcode customers can take advantage of our long-term service support, including regular consumables ordering, extended warranties and tailored technical guidance.

Get in touch with us today and we can help you find a marking and coding setup that will meet the needs of the building materials industry, backed up by ongoing product support and assistance from our Europe-wide network of specialist engineers and customer relationship managers.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Newcode Partnership:

  • Receive a Hitachi continuous inkjet printer worth £7,995 for FREE through a unique contract-based service agreement
  • First-class customer service and proven client satisfaction
  • Access to a Europe-wide network of expert sales representatives, field technicians and distributors
  • Bespoke printer stand and custom bracketry services
  • Print sample feasibility services
  • An efficient monthly repeat consumables order service
  • Ink waste management and alternative consumable sourcing services
  • Marking and coding equipment leasing and hiring
  • Equipment relocation support

No matter what your commercial needs may be, you can rely on Newcode Partnership to deliver a product and service that will tick all the boxes.

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