Printers Supplied. Free of Charge.

Printers Supplied. Free of Charge.

Home of the Free Printer

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Investing in you

The printer is provided at no cost to you and your business.

A company you can rely on

  • Same day best endeavour / next day guarrantee.
  • You call a Hitachi Engineer you are covered by
  • No more waiting for days for engineers
  • No PO required to respond
  • Unlimited engineer call outs
  • Call straight to operation / despatch room (no call centre)

We got you covered

  • All parts and labour covered
  • Your repair and maintenance bill has just gone to £0
  • 5 year warranty

With you all the way

Site visits - As you are now a Hitachi customer, you will get monthly, bi-weekly or weekly walk arounds

These can be used for training, continued improvements or just simply to check up and make sure everything is running smoothly.

With you from the start

We support you right from the word go. From installation we offer support for the following:

  • 1-5 Printers (1 day)
  • 5-10 Printers (2+ days)
  • 10+ Printers (7+ days)

Why? If we are giving you the printers for free, we want to ensure your company are comfortable in their use.

A company you can trust 

  • Consumable prices are fixed for 5 years
  • Competitive prices along with a price match guarantee

Lets get started

  • Book Installation
  • Make Enquiry

Book your installation or call us on 01942 228882

Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)

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