Hitachi PB-260E Basic Printer

The Hitachi PB-260E basic continuous inkjet printer is based on the same proven design concept as its predecessor the PX Series, but has been optimised for the best cost performance in stand alone coding applications.

It is equipped with a monochrome touch panel which allows for user friendly operation. The optimised printhead produces a 1 to 2-line printed image in consistently good quality – even on uneven or structured surfaces. Possible uses range from applications such as production lot numbers and production data etc.


Key Features:

  • Easy and quick operation via an 8.9" LCD Touch Panel
  • Full protection against dust and water jets (IP45, test specification IEC60529:2001)
  • Viscosity control and current ink density control for stable drop formation and high quality printing
  • Improved ink circulation system for stable ink return, low ink consumption and reduced solvent evaporation
  • Automatic printhead cleaning
  • Wide range of printing and coding functions
  • Operating temperature 0 – 45 °C (JP-K69 ink)
  • Global Standards: CE, C-Tick
Hitachi PB 260E Printer Specifications
Model Hitachi PB-260E
Nozzle size 65 µm
Max. print line number Up to 2 Lines
Max. No of print characters(each line) 1 Line: Up to 80 characters
2 Line: Up to 40 characters
Dot matrix (horizontal x vertical) 1-2 Line: 5 x 8 (or 5 x 7), 7 x 10; 12 x 16
Character height 1 Line: 2 - 4 mm / 2 Line: Total height: 4.5 - 8 mm
Display & input device Display: Liquid crystal display (8.9 inch, monochrome), back-light provided
Input Device: Touch panel, input sound provided
Display language English, France, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, (Swedish)*
Maximum print rate Up to 821 character/s (font 5 x 7, space 1, 1 line)
Standard characters Alphanumeric (A-Z, a-z, 0-9), symbols (27), Space: total 90
Number of user pattern registration Each dot matrix 40 characters
Print functions Calendar, counting, data storage (48 data), bold (2 times), product speed matching, repeat print, etc.
Input signal Print object detection, rotary encoder pulse
Output signal Print ready, fault, warning (open collector signal)
Vision Camera System