Pharmaceutical Print & Verify System


The HSAJet Pharmaceutical Print & Verify System is a complete solution comprised of printers, cameras, central machine control with print and verification software, HMI and validation package capable of printing pharmaceutical data including ECC200 Datamatrix codes in accordance with the GS1 standard.

The system is equipped with a queue management system ensuring that a specific product is always in the right and expected position with a reject system for removing failed products. Counterproof check of accepted and rejected products, with extensive logging and data management capabilities.

The qualification package provides straightforward GAMP certification and 21 CFR part 11 compliance which makes it possible to meet the global harmonisation requirements.

Key Features:

  • Complete integrated solution controlled by one powerful controller
  • Includes printing, vision and machine controlled ISO 15414 compliant verification & grading system
  • Easy to achieve customer compliance to GAMP and 21 CFR part 11
  • Optimum print quality via HP45 thermal inkjet
  • Easy and intuitive system operation, with wizard job creation
  • Verification software created in accordance with international standards
  • User level control and full traceability
  • Real time status monitoring and SQL data logging
  • System configurable for in-line and off-line use or for integration with other systems
  • Solutions for both unfolded and folded boxes
  • Accept and reject stations
Pharmaceutical Print & Verify System Specification
Model Print & Verify
Display 5.7” touch screen full colour with functionality icons
Dimension 145mm(L) x 36mm(W) x 135mm(H)
Weight Unit: 0.8kg, Power supply: 1.5kg
Signals Low ink, print and print message signals
Interface USB, RS232, 100mb Ethernet (LAN), encoder input 5-24V (SUB-D9), product sensor 5-24V (SUB-D9)
Remote control Edit jobs via Ethernet, change field content per print, change print preferences / parameters
Cartridges Hewlett-Packard TIJ 2.5 printing technology
Printable images Alphanumeric; logo; print log; date/time; expiry date (real time & adjusted); shift code; counter; and linear barcode
Print features Left – right, upside down, other side, traverse, motion controller
Layout features Max length: 65000px, object rotation, link field content, works with mm / in / point / pixel
Print heights Up to 50.8mm / 2”
Printheads 1, 2,3 or 4 pen printheads available
Memory 2GB
Software & HMI MiniDraw
Power supply AC 100-240V
Operating temperature range 5-40ºC (41-104ºf)
Distance to print surface 0.5 – 2mm (nozzle to print surface)
Resolution DPI (horizontal x vertical) Max Speed
m / min ft / min
600 x 600 38 125
300 x 300 76 250
300 x 300 (HS) 152 500
300 x 150 306 1000
Vision Camera System