Why choose CIJ Printers

Whether you need to print on product labels, medicine bottles, packaged items or any other kind of material, you can expect premium quality output when you have a Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer on the job. These printers have been around for 30 years and more now, and over these three decades, innumerable businesses have enjoyed the reliable and high quality printing that they offer. Printers using other technologies do have their own unique benefits, but none can come close to delivering the quality with the same ease and affordability that CIJ printers offer.

Achieve Quality Printing Even at the Highest Speeds:
One of the most significant advantages that you gain with CIJ printers is that even with very high speed production lines, where printing is one of innumerable actions carried out; the quality of output is impeccable. These printers come with a high pressure pump that guides the ink through the nozzle at a consistent rate. The continuous and steady dispersal of ink droplets ensures that the ink is spread evenly at high velocity, paving the way for speed and perfection in printing. With these printers, there is no risk of your production line being held up because the printing is happening at a slower pace than the rest of the tasks.

Print Small Characters with Exceptional Clarity:
Labels or packages that require very small characters to be printed often demand greater attention to the printing task. This may force you to designate an employee to carry out periodic checks on whether the printed matter is legible and clear. When you are getting the job done with CIJ printers, you can eliminate the expense of hiring additional staff to oversee this aspect without compromising on the quality and precision of print. Small character CIJ printing equipment is capable of giving you high precision printing for the smallest characters with the nozzles expelling ink droplets that are just half the diameter of a strand of human hair. Over 100,000 such droplets are expelled in a second, giving print output that has exceptional clarity, within a short span of time.

Print on Any Kind of Surface without Quality Reduction:
Using conventional printers, printing on uneven surfaces or flexible materials poses huge problems because it can be virtually impossible to achieve aesthetically perfect output. CIJ printers are non-contact printers, which mean that the nozzle does not come in contact with the print surface at any time. This is why, whether the surface is uneven or prone to bending or crinkling, the CIJ printer delivers amazing, premium quality results.

Another way in which this non-contact printing works in your favor is that it allows you to print on curved surfaces or across the edges with ease. For example, if you need to print the dosage or the composition of a specific medication on its bottle or over the aluminum blister foil, conventional printing may not give you the flawless results you seek. It is critical that this information can be printed with perfection without any reduction in clarity arising out of the risks associated with misinformed use of these products. CIJ printing is a great solution in such situations.

Enjoy the Convenience of Fast Dry Rates:
The ink used by these devices dries incredibly fast and this is another big advantage in a fast moving production line environment. When your printings is being done using the continuous inkjet method, your final products, with the printed material, are ready to be stacked up one over the other, stored away in boxes or transported out of the production facility immediately. There is no risk of smudging or erasing the print when the product is being handled or when other material is placed atop the freshly printed areas of the product since the ink dries almost as soon as the printing is completed.

Enjoy the Flexibility of Interchangeable Nozzles and Adjustable Frequency Levels:
A significant advantage of using a CIJ printer in your production line is that these offer great flexibility. When you need to print small lettering, you can change to a nozzle with a smaller aperture to allow a thinner stream of ink droplets to flow out. The world class precision of the print quality can thus be maintained without any trouble. You may also need to change the frequency level of the ink dispersal for different printing applications, and these printers allow you to do so, too. In effect, with CIJ printers you are not stuck with a cookie-cutter printing solution that you have to make do with across printing needs that vary widely. These printers give you a great deal of choice over the print quality, speed and precision so that you have immense control over the settings you choose, to achieve the output you desire.

Achieve High Quality Print for Delicate Items without Risk of Damage:
Since these printers offer high-speed printing output without the nozzle touching the product or packaging at any time, CIJ printers are ideal when you need to print on delicate items. The perfect examples are glass items or egg cartons where even slight pressure from the printer nozzle can damage the goods inside the packaging. Remember that when it comes to highly perishable goods like eggs, the readability of the critical information printed on the packaging, such as expiry or packing date, plays a key factor in ensuring that the product moves off the shelves quickly.

Many businesses that manufacture or process delicate products (including medicine bottles, fragile decorative pieces, pottery, glassware etc) in their assembly lines bring in these printers to achieve world class print outputs without exposing their products to the risk of damage.

A CIJ printer is a great asset to any production line because it offers the benefit of high speed, high quality printing for a variety of surfaces. Innumerable businesses, big and small, have enjoyed the significant advantages it offers, and your business, too, can be one of these if you invest in this tried and tested technology, today.